Friday, December 18, 2009

Palin and Hummers*

While driving down the exceedingly narrow street I live on, I've often asked myself, "how do SUV drivers justify their existence?" Apparently quite easily, for according to this article, Hummer drivers see themselves--simply by virtue of their owning a Hummer--as morally righteous defenders of classical American ideals. I suppose you could guess that from the way SUVs are advertised, but it's interesting to see it confirmed in the minds of the consumers rather than the marketers. I wonder if this applies to all Hummer owners, including those who live in large metropolitan areas that couldn't be further from the (already nonexistent) frontier.

I found that article through reading this analysis of the Reason for Sarah Palin, a topic I would have thought exhausted, but Sanchez offers an elegant answer to this non-puzzle.

*Note: I created this title in order to increase page hits from lonely conservatives. Sorry to disappoint, guys.

UPDATED: related.

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