Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sibling Rivalry

For years both of my siblings have copied me in every way imaginable. While their relentless drive to imitate my every move, decision, or whim has been flattering, one flaw in their program of utter slavishness has stuck in my craw a little: their irritating failure to fail to develop artistic talent. So while clearly I--and I alone--inspired them both to take to the internet, instead of commenting on music and politics, they're posting the fruits of their annoyingly talented minds.

My sister Kathy has just started a Tumblr, The Hunt Domain, to share her photographs; see above for one topical example--there are also some great images from her trip to Thailand, feline portraits, and more. While Simon has uploaded some of his films, which include a charming animation, my film "acting" debut, and one of my favorite things that he's done, a hilarious and unsettling three-part collage of weird, old film strips. Here is part 1:

pt.1 I have been soiled from Simon Hunt on Vimeo.


  1. Ahem, being a great writer constitutes an artistic talent... you know the kind that can write a biting blogpost like this and make people laugh out loud.

  2. I think my main artistic talent is fishing for compliments by pretending to be self-deprecating. Just kidding! (or no?)

  3. I'm so overwhelmed by all the familial talent! That's a scar I might have for months, or even years.


  4. Ohh, I remember that.

    Though I seem to remember that it was YOU who copied ME. For example- I was the one who got us into Def Leppard. You just jumped on the bandwagon by claiming that High 'N' Dry was a better album than Pyromania. As if!