Monday, January 18, 2010

Big Brown Lozenges

My brother has put the film he and Sara made together a couple of years ago online. It's called Perennial and is a beautiful meditation on nature and a year in their life spent walking around Chicago (and Georgia) filming water and leaves and snow and ducks. Apparently there is a sequel in the works. I'm addicted to embedding, but you can see a larger version on the Vimeo site.

Perennial from Simon Hunt on Vimeo.

Simon would have to confirm this, but I think that might be my autoharp making a cameo on the soundtrack. Not played by me of course, but surely this justifies an associate producer credit!


  1. You are correct- autoharp.

    Sorry about the credit. Would you settle for a percentage of the gross?

  2. I think that autoharp deserves a credit. Hip hip (hurray!)!
    PS I still think this video is so beautiful, Simon!